About Us

BluebirdNY was founded in 2014 by Gail Saab and Joanna Koelmel, who shared a passion for travel and style. What began as a conversation over drinks evolved into a boutique where the two could express their philosophy on women’s wardrobe: versatile, affordable luxury and always, thoughtfully curated.

Invest in Versatile Pieces
Our favorite outfits are the kind we can wear from weekend to weekday, workday to night out. We hunt for pieces that are staples for your closet – the perfect fit denim, timeless blouse, little black dress, so that you can mix and match and stay dressed for the occasion.

Indulge in Affordable Luxury
Pretty things do not have to break the bank. We believe fashion should be accessible and make you feel good. That’s why you’ll find quality, beautifully-made clothes and accessories that you won’t have to wait for a special occasion to treat yourself to.

Curate a Thoughtful Closet
The story behind the label is important to us which is why we like to discover designers that are emerging, hard-to-find, craft unique pieces and come from all over the world. We want everything in your closet to be meaningful!

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